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How do I order a reading? 

Choose an option below. 'Order Specific Tarot Spread' will take you to five different layouts to choose from. 'Select Number of Cards' allows you to decide how many cards will be used. Prices are listed below.

If you prefer a Lenormand reading, the Petit Tableau gives a smaller, focused reading. The Grand Tableau is the full Lenormand reading. See 'Order a Lenormand Reading' below. 

After we exchange emails to discuss your question, I will draw cards and read the story they tell about your situation. I will email you a full explanation of it, including images of your cards. You are then entitled to one further exchange of emails, in case you have any questions. 

Your reading will be sent to you within 72 hours of receipt of your order, unless otherwise noted. Your reading will be kept on file for 2 years, and you are free to request it to be sent to you again at any time.

Please check out Ethics, Terms of Use and Feedback from Customers for more information. 

If you would like to choose your own spread, please click the link below and order some of my best tried and true designs:

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