When should you consider a tarot card reading? 
A tarot card reading can help you when you:
  • Are facing a major decision
  • Have a problem and don't know where to turn
  • Feel stuck in a rut and wonder what to do next
  • Need clarity on a situation or issue 
  • Want to make changes to improve your life
  • Would like to see the pros and cons of a dilemma
  • Want to sort out your feelings about something
The tarot is very helpful for those big life issues, but it can also be used for more lighthearted questions, like 'What will my next boyfriend be like?' or 'What would be the consequences if I paint the house pink?'

What can a tarot reading do for you?
A tarot reading is seen by some to be a tool to warn us of the inevitable -- which it most certainly is not! Quite the reverse. Your future is not set in stone, but is constantly changing in response to what you do today. What tarot does particularly well is to reveal to you aspects of your life that you may not be fully aware of at the moment. This is tarot's best use. It is quite adept at shining a light into those dark corners, such as how certain people or situations are influencing you without your realising it, how you are consciously and subconsciously exerting control over your circumstances, and how, if you continue on your present course, the future may unfold. In that sense, the tarot may be a warning, but it is an empowering one. It can show you factors A, B and C that you should consider, help you decide what to change (if anything), or else D might be the result if you stay on your present course. Armed with this knowledge, you are then in a better position to take stock of yourself and your circumstances and take steps toward creating the life you want, and tarot can help you decide how to make those changes.

What can't a tarot reading do for you?
So, clearly, a tarot reading can't tell you exactly what is going to happen to you. It can't tell you precisely what to do to get what you want out of your life. That's because you are the one in charge, and every day you make choices and do things so that your destiny is constantly changing. This is a good thing! You are in control of your life. So, the tarot can't tell you exactly when you'll get pregnant, or precisely what to do to win your court case, or even if you should marry the guy. But it can give you more information to go on than you would have had.  It's up to you to take it from there.

Why should I pay you when I can get free readings online elsewhere?
The free readings available online are mostly generated by computers using set card interpretations. You can't talk to the computer. You can't tell it what you want to know. You can't ask for more detail. The answers won't be tailored to your energy, your specific situation, or filtered through the consciousness and energies of a human reader. Even free readings by a live reader based on a single question can be perfunctory and somewhat generic. There is no substitute for an experienced tarot card reader who has spoken to you, questioned you, got to the heart of what you want to understand about your own life, and then consulted the cards for you.

What is a tarot deck, anyway?
The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, originally used for games,  but which over time came to be used as a tool for fortune telling and divination. The first known tarot deck is about 600 years old.

The deck consists of two subsets of cards: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  The 22 Major Arcana cards depict archetypes which represent important events or stages in a soul's journey through life. These are the cards that you may be familiar with from films and television, cards such as The Moon, The Fool, or Death.

The Minor Arcana cards are very much like the regular deck of playing cards. There are 56 cards, divided into four suits, each running from Ace to 10, then with four court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King. The four suits are known as wands (clubs in the playing card deck), cups (hearts), coins (diamonds) and swords (spades). For tarot readings, the Minor Arcana cards represent daily life issues, in general. Taken together, these 78 cards can combine in various ways to represent any situation life can offer, any stage of development. They can give insight into any problem or issue. The tarot reader uses his or her knowledge of the card meanings in combination with personal powers of intuition to interpret the cards.

What are oracle cards and why do you somtimes add them to readings?
An oracle deck is made up of a series of images used for divination. They are similar to tarot cards in that they are used to provide insight, but whereas the tarot has a definite structure (as detailed above), oracle decks vary widely There is no set system, and they can be based around any structure or topic. I sometimes add oracle cards to a reading in order to get a better feel for the energies surrounding certain issues that have been revealed by the tarot cards. There is no extra charge for oracle cards drawn during a tarot card reading.